10 Ways To Save Money On Christmas Shopping

For those who haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, Christmas is just one month away! Before you head out to get gifts for your loved ones, here are some tips to save money when shopping for Christmas presents.

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  1. First off, set a budget and stick to it. If you have a list of what you want to get each person, it will save you time and keep your spending on track.
  2. Don’t go overboard on stocking stuffers. This is a great chance to be frugal by shopping for little gifts at the dollar store and including some candies, nuts and mandarin oranges.
  3. You can cut down on shopping for extended family by setting up a gift exchange. Draw names and each person will only buy for the one person whose name they drew. Everyone gets a gift and you all save possibly hundreds of dollars!
  4. Shop early if a decent sale comes along. Not only will this save you money, but it can save you the hassle of crowds in December.
  5. Another way to avoid crowds and save money is to shop online. You can often find products cheaper, but keep an eye on shipping costs to ensure you really are getting a deal.
  6. To save money on shipping, shop soon to give you time to use many sites’ free shipping options. The closer to Christmas, the more you’ll need to pay for priority or express shipping.
  7. Avoid extended warranties on your purchases. If an item is defective, it’s likely to have issues within the standard warranty’s time frame.
  8. You might want to skip getting someone a gift card. An estimated 10% of gift cards are never redeemed.
  9. Some restaurants have been enticing people to buy gift cards by including a bonus gift card. While this can be a great deal, check out the bonus card as it may have an expiry date.
  10. Keep all your receipts in a safe place since items may be broken or clothes might not fit. While some stores will except returns without a receipt, it will be at whatever their lowest price has been on that item.

Written by Tom Drake

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13 Responses to 10 Ways To Save Money On Christmas Shopping

  1. Good list of ways to save. I like number 3 the gift exchange. Here’s something my family does for Christmas-

    There are way too many people in the family to buy presents for, so we do a “White Elephant.” Each adult brings one $15 gift to the party. All the gifts are wrapped and placed in the middle of the room. Numbers are drawn from a hat to establish the order of the draft. Number 1 goes first and so on. This is a very fun and entertaining way to give gifts.

    • FS, For immediate family we spend $50, can’t fairly change that since they also spend $50 on us. The wife and I have spent over $500 on each other in the past, this year we’re going to do $50 as well.

  2. Solid tips. Personally, I save a butt-load by having very little friends (haha) and limit the gift buying to my mom only. But in all seriousness, the warranty is a good tip.. during holiday seasons, the sales guys will work extra hard to push warranties on gift buyers so their special someone can have that extra “peace of mind.” Meh to that.

  3. In these troubled times any gift that saves money is very welcome especially the ones that show love for the person and the soul things that don’t cost a thing things that you make.

  4. Good comments. A comment/question I would make would be what sorts of gifts can you give that might actually increase someones bottom line?

    Most of what people get, at least here in the states, is mostly knic-nacks or cheap stuff thats going to break down or fall apart.

  5. I think the best way to save money when shopping for Christmas is to use online coupon codes, or printable coupons to get money off your purchases, it doesn’t take long to look for them and they can save you a bundle, you just have to stop looking if you can’t find one after 5 minutes. Thanks for the other tips :)

  6. Ooh this can be one of the most expensive times for many families. I am a believer of not got overboard at Christmas and establishing an agreement of how much to spend with each family member and friends to ensure the day is happy for all.

  7. Most of the time, I go overboard with Christmas gifts. It’s a different feeling when you’re planning from when you’re already at the store. Also, before making any online purchases, check if the site is legit based from reviews. Do a random online search to see if they’re really well worth it.

  8. Good tips!! I like No 4- Shop early if a decent sale comes along. Not only will this save you money, but it can save you the hassle of crowds in December. Especially fitting with today being Black Friday 😀

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