Book Review – The Secret to a Successful Budget

I’ve previously written about the importance of a budget to help you control your spending. Well now fellow Money Maven, Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians, has put together an e-book that will show you every aspect of putting together a budget. To see how much Craig knows budgeting, check out his debt snowball spreadsheet.

While The Secret to a Successful Budget sets out steps for creating an effective budget, Craig also shows other budgeting methods so you can find the way that works for you. For example, while some people may simply use a pen and paper to create a budget, I prefer to use Excel. I’m also looking forward to properly using Mint once it has all my Canadian bank accounts working.

A one size fits all approach does not work for budgeting. Whether you get paid monthly, bi-weekly or through freelance work, this book has tips for you. If you still can’t pay all your bills, or if you have money leftover, the book has answers for each situation.

The regular price will be $17, but for the launch of this e-book, Craig has lowered it to $12 until August 31st. So if you really want to set up a budget that will help to reduce your spending and find available money for savings, I recommend The Secret to a Successful Budget!

Written by Tom Drake

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8 Responses to Book Review – The Secret to a Successful Budget

  1. i´d love a copy of that ebook! right now i am working on a budget and i could use any help i can get!!
    thanks for the great giveaway and please keep up your good work with your blog – it is really inspiring!!
    my best, claudia

  2. I’ve only started tracking my budget this year, and I’m really enjoying the process. Now whenever I save money, I can see how much I’m saving! I use the spread sheet from google docs instead of excel so I can access my budget on any computer with internet, but everyone has their own way. I would be interested to see how my budgeting techniques can improve with the help of Craig’s e-book. Thanks.

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