10 Cat Toys Under $10

Like most pets, cats can cost a lot of money, but they certainly don’t have to. You can save a lot of money just by choosing where you get your cat from, and if you’re okay with getting a cat as an adult as opposed to getting them as a kitten. But, once you get your cat, how much money will it cost you to keep your cat happy? Well, besides the usual cat food and cat litter costs that will show up on a regular basis, you also have to consider the cost of cat toys. My cat, like many other cats, seems to get bored with their toys pretty quickly. So here’s 10 different cat toys that you can get for less than ten dollars.


Yep, it’s a classic, and for a good reason. My cat loves to play with some string. I don’t know if it is the way that it moves across the floor, or the texture once it’s been “caught”, but string is a cheap option for a cat. Ball it up or let it hang loose, either way, it’s a fun cat toy.


Got some extra cardboard laying around? Keep it in a “box” shape and watch your cat crawl around it, in it, or over it. Don’t buy an expensive cat fort from the pet store, just put some sturdy boxes together and put it in the corner of your cats favourite room

Scratching “Post”

Does your cat not like the cardboard fort you set up for him? Rip the cardboard into shreds, bind it into a circle following the instructions found here and then relish in not having to drop a twenty dollar bill while also keeping your cat from tearing up your new couch.

Laser Pointer

These can be expensive, but definitely don’t have to be. Check your local dollar store for the best deal.

Bouncy Ball

Again, check your dollar store’s toy section for a little bouncy ball. Just make sure it’s big enough that they can’t accidentally swallow it, and you should be good to go. Cats love chasing these things as they hop around so unpredictably.

Paper Bag

Why do cats like crawling into paper bags? I don’t know. Why do cats like to bat at paper bags? I don’t know. Next time you forget your reusable shopping bags at home, get some paper bags from the grocery store and lie them out and about the house.

Plastic Easter Eggs

You know those little Easter eggs that “snap” together and hold prizes inside? Instead of chucking those in the garbage this year, re-purpose them for your cat. For extra fun, throw some cat treats inside so that it makes a funny noise when it is rolled across the floor.

Fuzzy Mice

This one you might have to go into a pet store to get, but we found a couple for just a couple dollars. Some rattle, some squeak, get a few if you can afford it and rotate them in and out of your cats toy basket

Cat Dancer

Never used it myself, but I’ve read good things about this particular toy, which is very inexpensive. You can find it on Amazon here.

Crinkle Ball

Again, haven’t purchase this for our cat (yet), but I see that this particular version has good reviews on Amazon. Anything that feels different, makes funny noises, and is a ball shape should make your cat happy!

The best option you’ll have, by far, is to make friends with another person that has a cat. If they’re up for it, start a cat toy exchange program, where you rotate toys from cat to cat. Just make sure that the other cat (and yours) isn’t sick when you exchange the toys, otherwise, it can spread the sickness into each others homes. So not only will you have more toys at your disposal, you won’t have to purchase new ones when your cat gets sick of your old ones.

Written by Alan Schram

Alan Schram writes about personal finance and his encounters with it in his everyday life. Alan is recently married and is looking to save money on expenses and reduce his debts.

7 Responses to 10 Cat Toys Under $10

  1. My cat’s favorite thing used to be a paper bag. She’d hang out in it and occasionally shoot out of it all the time. It just goes to show cheaper is sometimes better!

  2. My cat’s favorite toy was the plastic spiral that holds key rings. I dropped one on the floor and the cat was batting it, chewing it and flipping it into the air. This cat is very lazy and has a short attention span but it played with the spiral for about 15 minutes straight.

    After three days the cat chewed through the spiral but I have him another one and it had some more fun.

  3. Just an FYI: String is actually really, really dangerous for cats. If they eat it, it ends up getting tangled up in their intestines, which can kill them quite quickly. If you get them to the vet in time to save them, you’re looking at a several hundred dollar surgery bill!

    Learning this when I got my cat actually kind of bummed me out since I’m a big knitter and I had these pictures in my head of my cat playing with a ball of yarn. Alas! No yarn for her.

    Her all time, number one favourite toys are my pens and my watch. She steals them. I have no idea where my pens are, and she once stole my watch for six months!

  4. @Melissa: cats are fine with string as long as you don’t leave it around. Use it as an interactive toy, but be sure to put it away somewhere out of reach after.

    With my cats, it seems that the more expensive the toy, the less they are interested in it. They’d much rather have a good cardboard box or a cheap fuzzy mouse. No matter how small the cardboard box, they always seem to find a way to curl up inside of it.

  5. We take two shoe strings and knot them together at one end and on the other end tie a toy (like a mouse or fur ball). The cats love playing with them for hours. Smile. Cheap, fix.

  6. We use old tee shirts cut into strips our cats love it so much more than string cause they can really get their claws into it. We just tie to the back of a strong chair so they can play when we’re not home. Another one is the fabric reusable shopping bags they love to hide in them and the 2 best things about this is they are quiet and washable so no crinkle noises from paper bags at night just be sure to cut off the hands.

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