One of the best weapons you have in your battle against debt is the 0% credit card balance transfer. With the right credit card, you can get a 0% rate for a few months. During this time, it's possible for the entire amount of your debt payment to go toward getting rid of your balance. This speeds things up since your payment isn't being eaten up by interest charges.

The best balance transfer credit cards allow you to make significant progress in your debt pay down efforts. Use these credit cards as a tool in your debt repayment plan and they can speed up your debt payoff and save you money over time.

MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCardMBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card – The Platinum Plus MasterCard offers you a 0% interest rate for an full 12 months, making it the best balance transfer credit card in Canada. That's an entire year available to help you demolish your credit card balances. There is a 21-day grace period, and the regular interest rate is 17.99% on purchases. However, balance transfers have a rate of 19.99%, so if you transfer balances it makes sense to pay them off within the intro period.

There is no annual fee for this credit card. Additionally, the Platinum Plus MasterCard offers fraud protection and 24 hour customer service. You can access your account anytime online as well.

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Scotiabank Value VISA CardScotiabank Value VISA Card – This card isn't a true 0% interest rate card. However, you can get a low introductory rate of 0.99% for the first six months. This can still help you make a big dent in your credit card debt. Use this balance transfer credit card to make inroads in your debt. This 0.99% rate also applies to cash advances for the first six months.

The regular interest rate, though, is quite low at 11.99%. So, if you don't think you pay off your entire balance in the first six months, this card can help you at least slow some of the interest charges later on. There is a $29 annual fee, but the potential interest savings can make up for that.

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The best balance transfer credit cards can significantly help you pay down your debt. A 0% credit card balance transfer can give you some breathing room.

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