These days, if you want to be able to buy a house later or get a good deal on your insurance rates, you need good credit. One of the easiest ways to build good credit is with the help of a credit card. If you are responsible in your use of credit, making occasional purchases and paying them in full before you are charged interest, you can build a good credit history.

The best student credit cards in Canada help those who have little to no credit established themselves. You can start building a financial reputation with the right credit card. Below are the best credit cards for students.

Scotiabank SCENE VISA CardScotiabank SCENE VISA Card – You can build your credit and earn cool movie rewards with the SCENE VISA card. Earn one point for each dollar you spend anywhere, and redeem those points for movie admissions and concessions. You can earn extra points (five for each dollar spent) at participating Cineplex locations.

There is no annual fee with this student credit card, and you get 2,000 bonus points with your first SCENE VISA card purchase. That's enough for up to two free movies. Buy what you normally would, pay off the balance, and then get your entertainment for free. (Full Review)

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MBNA Rewards Student Awards CardMBNA Rewards Student Awards Card – This is a very straightforward credit card that can be used to build your credit history while earning rewards. You receive one point for each dollar that you spend. The MBNA Rewards Student Awards card also provides you with 1,000 points after your first purchase, and you get 1,000 bonus points each year on your cardmember anniversary. Points are flexible, and can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, cash back, and even charitable donations.

This card comes with no annual fee. You are also not capped on how many rewards points you can earn. The interest rate is 19.99% for all transactions from purchases to balance transfers to cash advances.

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Scotiabank L’earn VISA CardScotiabank L'earn VISA Card – Earn up to 1% back every year with the L'earn VISA Card from Scotiabank. There is a tiered rewards system, starting at 0.25% cash back and working up to 1%. If you use your card wisely, though, paying for things you would buy anyway, it's possible for you to earn rewards quickly and get that cash back faster.

There is no annual fee with this credit card, which means that you don't have to worry about extra costs. The interest rate is 19.99% on purchases and 21.99% on cash advances and balance transfers. You can also get special discounts with various partners. Scotia bank also offers student credit tips for free so that you can learn how to best manage your credit card. You need to apply for this card at a branch, or by calling 1-888-882-8958.

The best student credit cards help those who have little to no credit established themselves. Check out our picks of the best credit cards for students.

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