The Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Explained

Did you know that having children can be a benefit to you in terms of taxes? If you have kids, you can take advantage of the Canada Child Tax Benefit.

The Canada Child Tax Benefit, or CCTB, is available to eligible families to help with the cost of raising their children. This is a non-taxable monthly payment that is based on your family net income. When you file your tax return, your monthly payment amount is figured, and then you receive the credit over time. This benefit can help you pay for the costs that come with raising children.

How Does the CCTB Work?

First of all, you need to understand how your family net income works. When you raise children, your income is taken into account, and a tax benefit is figured to help you offset the cost. The lower your income, the more help you receive.

Family net income is your net income from your last tax return plus the net income of your spouse or common-law partner. You can find this information on Line 236 of your tax return. The income of your spouse or common-law partner is added to yours to determine your household’s net income.

The Canada Revenue Agency provides a Child and Family Benefits Online Calculator to give you an idea of what you can expect to receive. Any of the online tax software programs also have provisions for this deduction. Realize that the Universal Child Care Benefit and the money from a registered disability savings plan are taken into account, and excluded in order to provide you with an “adjusted” version of your net income.

Additional Benefits To The Canada Child Tax Benefit

The Canada Child Tax Benefit may also include an amount for either the National Child Benefit (NCB), for low income families, or the Child Disability Benefit (CDB), to help care for disabled children. This means that if your family is considered low-income, or if your child is disabled, you can get an extra benefit to help you offset the additional burden associated with caring for your child.

Make sure you understand these programs, and how you can get a tax break with their help. Check with a knowledgeable professional or with the CRA to determine whether or not you can participate in this plan.

CCTB Eligibility

To be eligible to receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit, you must be a Canadian resident that is the primary caregiver for a child under the age of 18. Either you, or your spouse or common-law partner, must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, temporary resident living in Canada for the past 1 1/2 years, or a protected person. Once your child is born, you can apply for the CCTB by mail or online.

You should apply for the Canada Child Tax Benefit as soon as possible after your child is born. Realize, too, that you have to continue filing a tax return each year if you want this benefit. Even if you don’t have any income to report, you should file your tax return so that you can continue receiving the CCTB.

The Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) is available to families to help with the cost of raising their children. Find out how the CCTB works and it's benefits.

Written by Tom Drake

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139 Responses to The Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Explained

  1. The social welfare system in Canada? Our wages don’t compete with living costs. The standards for “middle-class” haven’t changed in how many years? The Canadian Child Tax Benefit doesn’t help these “middle-class” families enough. The rich will continue to get richer as the poor will continue to get poorer. Seems a little corrupt to me.

    • The CCTB consists of three amounts: the basic benefit, the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS) and the Child Disability Benefit Supplement.

      The National Child Benefit Supplement is a monthly benefit for low-income families with children. The NCBS is the Government of Canada’s contribution to the National Child Benefit (NCB), a joint initiative of federal, provincial, and territorial governments.

      The Child Disability Benefit Supplement is a benefit for low- and modest-families caring for children under age of 18 who have a severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment. Not all children with disabilities qualify for this benefit. Form T2201, Disability tax Credit Certificate, must be completed for the child and submitted to the CRA.

      The rich will not get The National Child Benefit Supplement.

    • maybe you shoukd get off your ass and get a job lady!!!!

      I have been working since I was 15, what the hell is YOUR excuse!?!

      • We have all been working since we were kids; paper routes, cafes, transitioning into college or full time jobs. These jobs do not even begin to compete with everyday living costs; rent, groceries, bills etc. Did you know that Canadians in BC are putting 90% of their earned money to putting a roof over their head?! This is ludicrous, and the government has done nothing to help fix this issue for over 8 years. Minimum wage has gone from $7.15 in 1998 to $10.45 in 2016, while housing has dramatically increased by 500%!! Even so called good paying jobs at $45,000K per year are a poor mans salary now.

    • Why is this taken off my welfare check how can i survive on 456 dollas plus 400 child rax. Horrible. How is this helping children.

  2. The Canadian gov is truly a welfare state whih caters to the needs of everyone living in its country. I think other countries need to leran from its model and apply its policies like the one given above on child tax benefit to encourage families to have kids.

  3. to whom it may concern.Charlotte Omeasoo..been collecting Child tax for my son Micheal J. Warrior.Which Micheal has been in the ststes with myself for the past three years.if yur company can help put a stop to this it would really be helpful.please response to my letter asap. thank you
    Arlena M.Bullcalf

    • You must send any reports or fraud or concerns in your matter, along with details for the person in question, such as address, full name, person they are claiming for, date of birth if possible etc…as well as your complete contact information including email address for further information/contact if need be, to the contact information available on the Canadian Child Tax Benefit website.
      They may be able to do something through there to stop the fraud.
      This is simply an informational forum/post, so I hope the link will help you 🙂

  4. Hello
    I am going to leave Canada soon for 3 or more years But I have a rental home since long time ago besides the home that I live in , I will keep both..As my residence status as resident and keep applying annual tax regarding to my residential ties and other ties ( bank account, driving license, furniture , RESP and more )and , Am I supposed as a resident applying annual tax even though me and my family don’t live in Canada to keep CCTB that I receive long time ago OR NOT

  5. I have a cousin on welfare who believes that when her child turns six welfare is going to pay the ucb. Is this true? I wouldn’t think so and if they do that is very unfair.

    • The Universal Childcare Benefit does not continue after a child turns six years of age. The payments originate from the federal government and will NOT continue to be paid by social services/welfare.
      The benefit is to help families/parents pay for childcare costs that they may need if they are working and their child is under the age of six, and therefore not of age yet to attend school on a full time & full day basis.
      So, once a child turns six years of age, they are eligible to attend school on a full time basis and the Universal Childcare Benefit is no longer provided. By ANY agency or part of the provincial government or federal government.

      • If the universal benifits is to help out with the kids care while the parents are working , then I’m confused how a person getting social assistance and not working can qualify to receive any money from this benifit? In Newfoundland you don’t even have to look for work while on welfare they just keep sending the checks and yet these people receive top payout in all government benifits including gst. While the working class gets lIves paycheck to paycheck and recipes minimal ?

  6. hi there im a mother of a 8 month old an im recieving her CTB and apparently she doesnt qualify for the 1st month she was born…she was born the 15h so idk when they have cut off of the month.

    • The policies/guidelines for CCTB state that the accessment of the payments to be made, are done on the first of each month, and sent out for the 20th of that same month. SO whenever your child was born, as long as you apply as soon as possible (but they will go back & backpay for the months that you are eligible), the payments always begin the month after they were born.
      For example, both of my children were born in January ….one was born on the 17th and the other on the 21st. I began receiving CCTB payments in February for them. It makes no difference when in the month they were born.
      Since the calculations are done on the 1st of each month, and my children could not be put into the system for January (the month they were born), they were put in for the next possible month.
      I hope that answers your question 🙂

      • what if the kids didnt get his cctb since birth and his five years now and his going to file Can he still get backpay from 1-4 years?

  7. please email me the response… wondering if a 17 year old has dropped out of school and isn’t not going to attend and not go to school for a year then do GED if while she is having no education that her cctb will still be received

    • Children don’t have to be in the school system for you to receive the CCTB benefit. My children are both homeschooled and I still receive the benefit. So long as they’re under 18 and you file your taxes and qualify for it you have nothing to worry about.

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  9. to whom it concerns I haven’t had my baby bonus for a about 4 months now because of where I use to live.. I am waiting for my check still so I can get my daughter her winter clothes and christmas presents but cause the baby bonus didn’t come in yet. I have to wait not sure how much longer I have to wait please help me get this check so I can get my daughter her winter clothes .. plus with no phone to call you guys to let you no this is my only way to get a hold of you guys…. thanks please help and get me my ctc to me soon asap thanks

  10. I have a question what if a mother received the child tax but she don’t have the kids and she visit them every weekend and shes on the process to get full custody of the kids

  11. i have to leave canada because of my job my family is moving with me will i recv Child Tax Benifits living out of country for my Job,,

  12. I haven’t received a regular CCTB in a very very long time. I had forgotten to file my taxes one year and so then stopped getting my CCTB. I have three children and my oldest is 9 years old and I have not received regular CCTB for years and years. I am wondering if there is a way to get the missing CCTB paid to me. I have filed all my taxes up to this date.

  13. Hello so I gave birth to my second son March 12th (filled out all the papers 2 weeks later but recived a letter saying there was something I didn’t fill out properly, talked to someone and filled it out properly April 12th) it is now june 20th (3 months later) and I have still not revived a social security card OR his child benefits .. I tried calling the toll free 1-800 number but even after calling 15 times in a row I got the automatic voice telling me its to busy and to call back (I also tried to use the automatic verson but it kept saying the info I put in was wrong) which is bull because I have a 2yr old I get benefits for so I know my info is not wrong. PLEASE HELP.

    • Hi, the same thing happen to me, but i eventually got the lump sum in the mail. and also i called and complained to the government that it is constantly busy whenever i try to call, its because there is so many people calling for help that the calls just aren’t even being able to get through. try calling early in the morning is your best bet. all your taxes need to be done to date. if they are then i would keep trying to get a hold of them. and they can give you an approximate date that you will receive it. it took me 8 months.

  14. I just filed my taxes and my accountant said that I (the father) will be the person receiving the CCTB because my wife was new to the country that year and had no income and I was the only one having income, i thought it goes to the wife.

    • I don’t know about new residents to the country but I do know the income amount doesn’t matter. There has been many years I didn’t make money but was still able to be the person receiving the benefit. If I’m correct so long as she has a SIN number she should be able to be the one to receive the benefit. I could be wrong though.

  15. Hello..if any one sees this please help…we have 3 kids under 5..we have done our taxes and recieve the cctb.. we get it every month. .this month we did not recieve it..just says N/A under September on the service canada site. .we have done everything we should have and received it last month and every month before. .we just had a child in June ( our 3rd) please help we are stressing ..i am not working because of a back injury and the goverment never sent us a thing… any help woukd be great

  16. My daughtercwas born on oct 8 got nove baby bonus. If you do get back pay how doescthat work.. I didnt get oct and nov just one month so when n how do you get bb for month born. Thanks

  17. Hello,
    My baby was born in September and we have not receive any tax benefit yet.You just filled the general application that include child tax benefit in the hospital and we are still waiting. We are low income so I am sure that we are qualified.
    I am PR status and my wife is still a visitor and the child is a Canadian citizen.
    do you have any idea for reason of delay.

    Thank you

  18. Hi. I am wondering how my CCTB benefits will be affected if I move in with my boyfriend. We are also hoping to buy a house and I am wondering how my payments will be affected in that case as well. As my children are young, I have been low income for the past few years, and single since 2011 and just returned to University.

    Need to budget prior to The big Move.
    Thanks for any input

    • Autumn you are not required to claim a spousal relationship immediately upon moving in with your boyfriend. You could choose to which would then involve his income with your own in the calculations, or you can wait until you have reached to required amount of years under family law to do so. This is provided he is not the biological father of the children. If that is the case it changes the requirement for reporting. So unless he is the biological father or you choose to report your income taxes as a common law couple, you can know that your benefit amounts should not change just because of a residential change. Purchasing a home also will not effect your entitlement.

      • I am interested in this. I have a 1 year old son, the father and I are not together as a couple but we live in the same house (one lives up, one lives down). We share the mortgage as we own the house together but I pay for the child, he does not. We have a mutual agreement, no custody papers, we are good friends. We live together to save money, its too expensive to live separately with a baby. CRA is asking for proof that I am a single parent. I do my taxes single as does the father. We are not together, other than owning a home together that we both share in separate suites. It sounds ridiculous in writing but it works well for us. Can I still get my child benefits in full or will CRA consider us a couple, even though we are not? Thanks for advice!

    • Help! I am a Canadian Citizen but have been living in the UK for the last 30 yrs. I am moving back to Canada this year with my husband (who will be applying for Perm Residency) and our 3 children who have Canadian Citizenship. Will I be able to claim child benefit?

  19. I am a Canadian Citizen, married a gal from Korea in 2006, had our first son in 2007 and 2nd child in 2009. I have never received this child tax benefit. Every year when I do my taxes, I always apply for a Universial tax credit, and I’m told I make to much. I am the only earner, my wife is a stay at home mother.
    From 2007-2014, my income has gone from $60,000 to $93,000.00. I have always thought I made to much money to qualify for this benefit?
    Now my wife is pursuing this and it looks like we may be entitled to something.
    Can CRA go back to the date our first child was born and make a retro active payment? For our first, and then second child?
    I look forward to hearing from you

  20. Hello, i have a question,
    Can i apply for child tax benefit as well?
    I ve been living in canada for almost 6 years as a temporary resident.
    Was married and now separated and almost divorced.
    Working on my residence under H&C.
    I have a daughter 5 years old and another one 2 years, i dont recall my still husband receiving money from the goverment other than maybe a year from my first child.
    Wondering if i can apply so i can get the money as i cant work or do anything until my first stage of my PR has been approved.

    Thank you in advance

  21. Help! I am a Canadian Citizen but have been living in the UK for the last 30 yrs. I am moving back to Canada this year with my husband (who will be applying for Perm Residency) and our 3 children who have Canadian Citizenship. Will I be able to claim child benefit?

  22. Me and my girlfriend just had a baby boy and have agreed to have both last names for the child since we are unmarried and currently dont live together. The order was mine then hers with a hyphen in the middle. She will be filing for all the tax benefits and is now concerned and wanting to switch the order to her last name then mine. Her and her family believe she will have issues filing for the benefits because of the order of the last name. Now she is trying to get it changed and is causing stress and will cause extra money.
    My question is, does the order of the last name make a difference??

  23. Hi I have a question? It is ok to collect or to recieve the cctb even the children is out in the country? Like I know someone she only give birth the baby here in Canada and after 3 or so she take her child to the Philippines and leave it there.. And she contentue recieving the cctb, is this ok? Or no? She have 2 children already which is after the baby born she take it back home and she contentue work her. Just asking.

  24. Hi,my name is Jason. I am turning 27 years old this year of 2015. My step parents never received a CTB payment once ever since i was born into them. Now that it caught my attention,i have tried to get help,but my step mom who does bot understand english very much won’t sign any papers that i provide because of the Residential School she went to is probably bringing her back the difficult times she endured. Now i don’t know who can help me because my step father past away.I tried asking for files of taxes but she refuses because she feel’s it’s not right. I went and tried seeking help but no one know’s or understands what i’m asking for in help. What should i do? Will you help me?

    • My friends mother collected for her 24 year old son last year. Since he was born she never filed and finally she filed and got the 19 years back pay in 1 lump sum and it did go to her. Your step mom is entitled to the back pay there’s nothing illegal about it. The ctb is to help families forsure. Hope you get it straightened out.

  25. So I was told by both of my parents that they never collected the baby bonus or something. I was wondering since I am 17 and I live on my own now if I can collect it myself of if the money was just banked updue to not collecting. I dont understand if it is logically possible that they never got money. (My parents are seperated and I lived with my dad for a year and he never filed to collect either, this was last year). So my question is do I get the money and could you help me find out what to do to get it if yes?

  26. Hey, I have a question, my ex went after me for the monthly allowance though I have her more than 50 percent of the time, and the government is making me back pay three years of cheques, please help.

    • Amanda if you meet the criteria of being the parent who takes your child to the dr. dentist school etc you should contest the decision. Provide supportive documentation from professionals – ie your childs dr. and who ever else you can that will validate your commitment/ responsibilites towards your child.

  27. hi
    My husband did the taxes of 2013 and we receive payment from canada child tax support in June 2014 but my husband made ??the 2013 taxes two months ago but we do to receive the canada child tax support yet and i don’t what i have to do for receive the payment again

  28. hi
    My husband did not the taxes of 2013 and we receive payment from canada child tax support in June 2014 but my husband made ??the 2013 taxes two months ago but we do to receive the canada child tax support yet and i don’t what i have to do for receive the payment again

  29. Canada revenue has stopped giving me the child tax benefits. My kids are twins and they are 7 years old. If you have any ideas on how I can start getting this back I would be very grateful.

  30. Hi I am currently receiving Ontario Works in the city of Chatham Kent Ontario and I was just recently approved for the Child Disability Benefit and my question is do I have to let my Ontario Works Case Worker know? Do I have to claim it as income?

  31. My daughter has been living with me for the past 4 months and her mother still gets her benefit how do I go about receiving the benefit and not her cause she is not helping

  32. Hey there!!
    Great article
    Question: I have had over 40% parenting Time with my 3 kids. I have recently applied and sent all the documents to CRA. For the CCTB. (I just recently found out that I could be entitled to half that’s why I just applied) so my question is, will they back pays to that 2 year date and will it affect my ex wife’s payments. Will the govt claw it back untill paid?
    A good father getting screwed

  33. Great article!!

    Question: I have recently found out that I am entitled to split the CCTB with my ex-wife. I have applied and I was wondering if the govt will back pay me back to the time of 16 months ago. This is the approx time frame that I have had my kids more than 40% of the time. And if they do back pay me does it take away from my ex-wifes benifets??

  34. Hi. I just want to ask. When I filed my taxes last 2-3 weeks. I did change everything. My status, address, and ctb. I changed my card. Give them my new account. But until now I didn’t recieve any money. Can you help Me? I really need the ctb. Don’t know who can I talk about it.

  35. Due to some reasons, if some one is not getting CCTB for the 2006 born child, how much back CRA will go if we send an application to CRA to consider the eligible child now.

  36. I need help.i have 2 children (11 and 4) and I have not received any cctc or u cc or any of the low income suppliment since last July. My taxes were done late…I know that’s why.i received a letter in Nov. Saying I would get a direct deposit for 6790.00 in back pay and then they ordered a review.i have been sending documents in bundles for months.i sent the last one before June 1 in order to make the deadline for June20 ppant. The rep on the phone says there is NO PAYMENT for June. I don’t know what else to do.ive calculated it’s up to 15000.00+ and my kids are suffering.they are wearing dirty clothes to school (no money for laundry mat).I use the food bank weekly even though it’s suppose to be monthly…….I don’t have family to help.i left an abusive man after 14 years.he as sultry me and was charged 3 times.he assaulted our 9 year old boy and went to jail for it.ive been on my own with the kid for 9 months and we wwon’t make it without the baby bonus.i need help…..

  37. Hi, so I have an important question to ask. I did not file for 3 years, my lo is now 5 (just turned), I filed my taxes this year. Will I be receiving the past 3 yrs of the CTB or will it be nulled? I haven’t received anything back yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your article, its been helpful to read.

  38. I filed my tax but until now havent received child tax benefit I rely on my income to keep up with my bills rent and groceries… and the ctb for any of my daughters needs but have not received it I was wondering what could be delying it she is 5..

  39. Hi there just want to know, my son was diagnosed in 2012, that was also the year that he arrived in canada , i was already working here in canada since 2007, im i allowed to apply for child disability benefit from 2007 up to now? thanks

  40. My wife just checked her CCTB payment calendar for the next year and for some reason beginning January 2016 the amount drops by approximately $205.00. Any idea why this might be??? Thanks.

  41. My baby was born in January and we applied for child benefits right away but I haven’t received anything nor will I until July 20th. Will I get the benefits for the months I haven’t received them? Thanks!

    • Yes Mariam .. you are entitled for every month you havent recieved …. you should get a lump sum in july if thats when they told you you would be receving your child tax credit

  42. Hi. I haven’t filed my income tax yet. It is now July and I was wondering if I will still get my benefits? I have done the same thing a few years ago and my benefits stopped after August. Will this affect my benefits now? I’m going to do my taxes soon. As I was busy with personal problems.

  43. Hi,

    Iam a temporary resident who lived in Canada for more than 18 months and I was receiving CCTB until I lost my status for 4 months then I restored my status again, Am I still eligible for CCTB and if yes does it include the 4 months or not? thanks

  44. I just saw that my child tax benefit was cut to almost nothing from last year. We have two children. I was on sick leave then mat leave this past year. My husband is on worksafe as he tore his shoulder at work and just had surgery. We are living on60% of his salary and so I had hoped our amounts would really go up – never expected this cut. Even with the universal 60$ increase, we are not making more that last year. Can you tell me why??

  45. Hello. My son is 13 years old now and I forgot to apply CCTB for him. I file my tax every year. Can I still get the benefits for all 13 years. I just apply 2 months ago. Thanks

  46. I have not gotta my daughters benefits since April. Revenue Canada was suppose to look over my common law partner’s tax returns which were sent in in April, I called in May to see what was going on and the person who I was talking to checked it out for me. He came back to say, “oh they had his stuff here for a while, they just haven’t done it.” He also told me I might not get it in June either, but July the latest. I still have not received it. I have just been receiving her UCCB, which is not that much. Can you tell me why this is? And when I should get my daughters money? I think this is getting a bit ridiculous. We have a big move coming up to Alberta, and we need her money to be able to plan ahead and get her some things for her for there.

  47. I didnt receive my july child tax or universal because of a change of address and i called and changed it and requested to not wait till august 20th to get it amd i was approved for it i was told i’d get it 7 days later and well it has now been 12 buisness days i cant even get my 6month old her formula or my 2yr old as of today diapers or anything for her birthday and canada revenue isnt helping me at all who is someone higher up i can call?

  48. Hello I have a question. I split with my ex-spouse feb 2014, and since then I have had my kids. I contacted cra and tried to get the child tax and uccb into my name, because I had the kids. That was in March but cra said I had to wait 90 days to change it. I have a agreement with the mother of my kids on paper and signed. I didn’t try to change the status of my relationship with cra again until August 2014 and when I did, I stop recieving my trillium benefits and gst in August. But my ex was still recieving the child tax benefits for the kids. She was sending it to me, so I asked her to call and changed the status of her relationship with the cra because I did and little did I know, she failed to and still was recieving the baby bonus in her name. She was still sending it to me but than we finally got it changed this year of May 2015, but I filed late in July 2015 and I was wondering who my situation is going to work out??? Now that I claimed for the children and still have them, what is going to happen with my assessment??

  49. Question: Someone told me that once a child is retuned home from being in foster care they will receive back pay from the time their cctb was cut off to the time the cctb starts after they are returned. Is this true or do the foster parents receive the cctb for the child while in their care, or is the funding for them different from cctb

  50. Hello.
    I have not received my CCTB. I tried to call the CRA, but 4 hours all agents are still busy. Where else can you seek to find out why I have not received Child tax benefit? Thank you.

    • There is an 18 month residency requirement it is written on the Government of Canada’s website
      Can I get the Canada child tax benefit?

      To be eligible, you must meet all the following conditions:

      you must live with the child, and the child must be under the age of 18;
      you must be primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child;
      you must be a resident of Canada; and
      you or your spouse or common-law partner must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a protected person, or a temporary resident who has lived in Canada for the previous 18 months, and who has a valid permit in the 19th month.

  51. HI,I had landed in canada with my wife and two children 4 and 7 years old ,in june2015 as a permanent immigrant and i am not working till now.I am looking for work,and i have no icome for tax purpose.Am i eligible for CCBT with this conditions,and plz tell other goverment benefits for my family that i can prevail.

  52. hi there. my daughter was born September 2nd this year. Am i entitled to receive baby bonus for september since she was born before the 20th or does it start from the time they processed my application?

    • Hi! You don’t receive any CCTB for the first month your child is born. You will receive for subsequent months and there will be a back pay once your application is processed. But, as mentioned, you don’t receive anything for the first month…

  53. Hi I have a question. My husband and my son are in quebec they just arrived last september 2015 as permanent resident and they are applying for my son’s cctb. my question is they are planning to come back here in philippines on march 2016 planning to stay here for 3 months if my son start to receive his cctb can he still receive it even if they are outside canada for 3 months. hope you can help me. thanks and more power!

  54. I have a question. I have 3 children, I am separated and now living common law with my fiancé (for a year). Will this affect the amount of my Child Tax Benefit?

  55. I failed to send in documentation confirming my address and children in my care. I am now cut off from the benefits. Does anyone know how I can start receiving again? My daughter lives with her father now for most of the time unfortunately, they said it was a ‘random assessment’ but I think it had more to do with the move of my oldest daughter. Anyways, I would just like to know how to start receiving again for my youngest two children.

  56. I have a 16 yr old daughter who has a 5 month old son, and they both live with me together with my two sons, aged 12 and 6 yrs old, my question is as follows will I still get paid the CCTB for my daughter even though she’s a mother now?

  57. I have not filed my income tax for a few years now. Once I file will I receive back pay for the entire time or just back so many months?
    Thank you

  58. I filled out the form in the hospital when my daughter was born, also filled out another form for the “baby bonus”.
    Bare with me as it was so long ago now that I don’t remember what I filled out, all I remember was being told that it was for the “baby bonus”.
    I never ever received any money.
    We moved house a little while after my daughter was born & having 2 younger children as well to contend with it just all slipped my mind.
    In reading some very helpful posts above I have come to understand that I should have also been filing tax return’s yearly as well.
    I had been told by someone that as I didn’t work I was not entitled to anything & not to bother filing any tax forms.
    My daughter is now 13, & I have been employed since Nov2015
    Could someone please advise me of what I should do in order to (if I am entitled any more) receive my daughter’s “baby bonus”.
    Thank You in advance :0)

  59. Can anyone tell me if when your child turns 13 and the older they get the less money you recieve ?? Someone is trying to say this but I only see it for the child care benefit if you work and pay day care.
    I know child tax is based on your income and if your children are under 18 and that after 6 years old you get less but not less and less as they get older

  60. I just had my son in December. I am scheduled to receive child tax March 2016 (as per CRA website) but the amount that they are showing would only account for 1 month? Should I be expecting a back payment that is not going to be showing or should I call them up?

  61. what happens if you have been claiming single and home with your youngest. and then you move in with his father december first of 2015, then do your taxes in 2016 together as communal. but his income is to high to recieve cctb, so after this month will myne disappear forever now, or does that not start untill the july 2016

  62. Hello,
    I did my 2014 taxes this year. I didn’t receive my child tax benefit all last year. I’ve already received my tax rebate, but I was wondering approx how long it will take to be back payed my child tax benefit.

  63. Hi,
    I’m a PR, my husband canadian citizem and my son just born on january. I applied for child benefit last February but didnt get anything yet.
    I applied online while registering him and applying for his birth certificate. I GOT The birth certificate and thats it.
    Does it mean that they refused my application?

  64. Hello, my son is 2 year old born in Chicago Nov2013 and he became citizenship of Canada in mid2014 since his father is Canadian but we applied for his child tax benefit after official moved in Canada dec/2015.. And received money in March 2016 for just the year back June 2015-July 2016. Someone told me he should get money frm the day he was born up to this date.. I tried calling for more inquiry but I didn’t get an hold of any customer service yet. So my question is, is he suppose to get money frm 2013 till 2016? How does this child tax works? ,

  65. So..the child tax benefit is paid around the 20th of every month. Is it paid retroactively or prospectively?? For example, amount paid on 20 March is for 20 March-20 April or is it for 20 Feb-20 March??

  66. My ex has lied to obtain 100% of the CCTB for our 3 children. We share custody on a 50-50 bases with no custody court order, she has just claimed to be the primary caregiver, and the CRA takes her word. I am a disabled person, and I collect ODSP/CPP-D for 100% of my income. By mid month I can’t afford food, and sometimes have to refuse my children because I can’t provide for them. Is there a way to have some type of hearing with the CRA? Or has anyone else had to deal with this? Mothers are not the only parent, us dads count too!!!!!

  67. Can someone tell me why I would not recieve the CTB but only the universal? This is the first time it happened.

  68. Hello if i have lived in the country for 18 months and i am on a temporary visa for 3 years from Australia. I have four kids and want to apply since i am eligible for it as of August 2016. When it is accepted will i get back paid for the 18 months that we have been here for? Or will it just start from the first month?

  69. Hello,
    I have slacked on my taxes for the last 4 years and my accountant found i would be getting a lot of money back for my child tax and family tax. Do they back pay you for the amount that I had paid for taxes for the years I didn’t do?

  70. We are Permanent Residents .My husband and me landed in canada on December 2013 my remained in canada and I went back to my origin country after 5 moths I came back with my two kids in june 2014 from when we are in tilted to have CCTB .Is it consider from Dec 2013 or the time our kids landed in canada . Please help

  71. here is my situation in 2006-2006 my son was in care mid 2006 he was sent to my mom full custody .i got my boy back february 2007.and shortly after started receiving child tax credit .but my mom later told me she had to pay child tax credit back .althou she had custody prior how do we fix this

  72. Canadian PR or citizens are eligible to get CTB. Any regulation to stay Canada a certain minimum days to be eligible CTB?

  73. Hi guys,

    We landed in feb on work permit and our daughter was born two days back. Will we be eligible for CCTB ?

    Since we are here for 3 + months now.

    Please me know.

  74. Hello, my daughter is 15 years old and got a part time job, does her tax child benefit will stop if she is employed?

  75. My daughter was Kidnapped when she was 6 months old by my ex mother in law and they are taking more than half of ny cctb because she was Kidnapped to 3 different countries in Europe . She is turning 6 years old in September and still I am getting only 105.00 monthly for her needs and she is still traumatized by the kidnapping. They also are taking the universal child tax benefit of 160.00 to this day. When she came back i still got AT The time The 100.00 and of course just 305.00 not even all of IT for just a year. What do i do i sent them all these years everything they asked for, letters from her doctor also mine she treated me since I was 6 and my daughter since she was born they have 4 letters this last one was the most detailed I sent everything that she is back with me since Dec 20 2012( kidnapped March 11 2011. I am on disability the only thing I could not give them is daycare information because she is with me the whole time there was no need for daycare and she couldn’t go anyways from the trauma she went through and language barrier . I taught her slowly English now in school she is doing well with the English language. It is not fair they say j owe 17,000 dollars and I asked them for a list , 6 year list of everything they never payed that they were suppose to. Also 2-3 years ago around 3 the man that does my taxes says well the lump sum she got after a year you would have payed that off two months from now then they won’t take anything away anymore but they still are it is getting worse ! I even owe on my tax return I never ever owed in my tax return ! There’s nothing to owe when they take ! Do j need a income tax lawyer ??? So my daughters kidnapped and they are hurting her ? And me because I can’t get her everything she needs I’m struggling while other mothers use the money to go out partying and drinking , not allll just a example! Please some advice ? Greatly appreciated ! Thank you

    • They act stupid and I called again today! They said for me to get ANOTHER DOCTORS LETTER! For the 5th time ! Why ?!? ALL of it is in the system then he changed his mind and said send the recent one but its in the computer I don’t get it , everything is in the computer even all the court orders ! And documents and letters !! Do I need a lawyer ????

  76. I am 22 years old. I have 2 kids ages five and three. I had my first child at age 15 turning 16 in January of 2011, I was cut of from the cctb benefits and since havent received any cctb
    My mother took me off of her cctb benefit, so since I was 15 too 18 I have not received any benefits.
    Would I be entitled too a back pay? Considering I wasnt getting cctb from 15yrs to 18.
    Please let me know.


  77. Hi i am 29 migrated to Canada on 5th Oct 2015 .I submitted child benefit form recently and i got a mail from CRA (I am not sure if it is related to CCB) stating that below
    Goods and services tax/Harmonized sales tax creditGST/HSTC notice

    WE cannot calculate the amount you may be entitled to recieve all periods because we do not have all the necessary info.If you provide the info we ask for in the detailsed exp seciton we iwll process and let you know if you are entitle

    I have no clue if it is related to CCB or no what do i do next and how do i ensure that they are processing my CCB?

  78. I sent in everything they asked gor for 6 years !!! Better get this progono Lawyer Tax services because they are taking still from me … Is ut mu fault mu daughter was Kidnapped … This is a joke ….

    • My phone needs repair sorry
      Slowly Now
      I sent everything they asked of me for 6 years My daughter turns 6 in sept. …
      One representitative says one thing another says another thing i sent for 6 years doctors letters My own letters court orders because My daughter was Kidnapped from me for papers My ex wanted papers into The country … She is with me i Pay rent for her she is on My benefits i sent them everything they asked for that i can send after The Kidnapping of My daughter shame on The Ontario canada Revenue agency !!!!! For these things .. Unexpected… i have to pay forever for what ? You say I must pay when she was gone you took it all already the 3rd year it’s paid the lump sum to this day i get letters saying I owe money but for what ??? tell My and my daughters doctor years to make letters and other people shame on them !!!! That IT had come to taking away money from her for what ??? Her and my misfortune ?? Wow how low can the government go !!!! This is for herrrrrr not me !!!
      Geez I don’t understand I sent in everything they then ask for the different specific dates here’s something weird I have a letter stating from my doctor n court order she was with me from when she got back to April 2015 where I gave him a second chance they told me to have me Doctor write those dates now they ask for Sec. To match but I have dec to April .. Haloooo march is before April !!!! Are they that evil ?!?

  79. I was meaning to say they said dec2012 she was with me to april 2015 where i gave Him a second chance to try to be a father ( worse choice ever )joint was dated April 2nd 2015 and sent court order doctors letter everything, everything they asked for and they Said dec 2012 to march 2015 after !!! what do they want our soul or into our / My home ?? Seriouslyyyy !!!! What else do they want Now they say Dec 2012 TO march 2015 but march is before april … I don’t want to again ask My doctor The 6th time please make a letter please this way they don’t believe and after give me a different date again for The 3rd time …are they crazy !!! Hello she was Kidnapped from me and brought back i have documrnts i sent a million times I your computerss Now what do they want to suck us dry because they can ???no a probono Lawyer, Their services !!!

  80. Will we recieve back pay from jan to june 2016 or are the current new payments all we are getting starting july? I’ver heard different things and my account only shows the current amount being deposited july 20 and nothing else.

  81. How many families who make above the threshold for the child care tax credits will no longer receive the funding? In the GTA, $203K is not a lot of money when you are supporting a family. And how do we know that child tax benefits even go to children to improve their quality of life? How will this be measured?

  82. Hello im filing my taxes late, but the question is, do i have to fill out another CCTB form and send it off with my taxes as well, as of 2016 to receive CCTB through out the rest of the year, which my child has been under my care and collecting it since the day he was born?

  83. Hello, I fell behind in registering my son for CCTB and Universal Ben. He is now 6 years of age. I’ve recently applied for the new CCB. Would I also receive a retro-active amount for the 6 years? Is that possible?

  84. My income is less then half of last year can I get my child tax benefits changed to relate to income I have now?

  85. Could some one help me I had Gotton married last year my husband has no income I am the only one working And they stop my child benifit right after I told them that I was married Why ? I was como on law before but I was raising. My kid alone with I still do and they ask me for paper I give them and they is always something missing why? Plus on top of that I have to pay back money even though iam the only one. Supporting the family that not right iam running out of money pl help

  86. Hi I need some facts on this situation. I am married with two sons, the oldest is with us here in Edmonton. we landed here as PR. I also applied for CCTB last August. How would I know that the government received already my application? How long can we can get his benefits?
    Now, my youngest is only 7 months old not living with us, he is in our country of origin (Philippines). He is included and declared with the documents we processed for the immigration. he is done with the medical exam, passport, and included my list of dependents. The only thing he do not have immigrant visa, we did not apply for him because we do not know when we can get him (settled here and have jobs). I would like to know if he can still avail the CCBT even if he is in the Philippines and of course he has no SIN. Is he qualified for CCBT? and be offset when he arrives here in Edmonton, Alberta? Please I need information regarding our situation. Thank you very much.

  87. My ex is receiving half of my baby bonus now and the government is making me pay back half of what I received over the past year. He has my son 30% of the time and I have him 70%. He pays child support, why should he have his support payed for by the government while taking away money I need for my 6 year old!? Please help!

  88. If the baby bonus goes by income and I get 530 now, when i have another baby do i also get another 530 or does it go down from the first baby bonus? Does it count as income? Please reply if you can

  89. I have been receiving the Child tax benefit for 11 years – but I did not receive the payment for October 2016??? I just got married to a Non-Canadian & reported it to CRA, he makes zero $ in Canada. Why didn’t I get the $$ no notice no phone call or letter: (( I rely on that money, it really helps

  90. Hi I have a question? It is ok to collect or to recieve the cctb even the children is out in the country? Like I know someone who is CANADIAN citizen but married to an armed officer in India so she has been staying in India since then. The thing is that she only give birth the baby here in Canada and after 3 months or so she take her child to India and keep living there.. And she continue recieving the cctb since then, is this ok? Or no? and if not what is the penelaty for it ? She have 2 children who are canadian by birth but living with her and her husband in india. Just asking.

  91. My brothers 16 yr old daughteris now living with him full time since june 2016…daughters choice .
    How does he collect the child tax now
    He is working .
    He does have joint guardianship and like i said now she is living with him .
    Her mother is still collecting the taxes .

    • Hi have a question about this if a child leaves home and lives with someone but change there mind could I hold off till they know what they want but still give them money till they the teen decide what they want then give the rights to the credit to the person that wants money that is how she is since he is not eighteen yet


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