How to Earn PC Points

One of my favourite banking institutions in Canada is President’s Choice Financial. PC Financial offers a low cost for most of your banking needs, and earn points just for doing the regular things that make up your life. This means that you are rewarded for spending money as you would normally. Since one of the keys to financial success with rewards programs is to just spend as normal (without using it as an excuse to make extra purchases), being able to use a program that rewards you for every day purchases is a true pleasure.

I love PC Financial because I can use PC Financial for the no-fee bank account but also as a way to earn PC points on things that I purchase every day. It’s a sweet setup.

How Can You Earn PC Points

PC points are earned with the help of a credit card or a debit card. That’s one of the great things about this program. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of using a credit card to earn points (PC Financial issues a MasterCard), you can use your bank card instead. That way, you can still earn points when swiping your plastic, but you don’t have to worry about using credit or paying interest. It’s a program that allows you to customize your financial rewards to your needs.

The PC points program is fairly straightforward:

  • Earn 10 PC points for each dollar you spend everywhere you shop with the PC Financial MasterCard.
  • Earn 5 PC points for each dollar spent when you use your bank card at participating stores.

The main downside is that the bank card option doesn’t offer rewards that are as generous as the credit card rewards. But if you are set against using a credit card, the debit option is much better than nothing.

When you earn your first 20,000 in points, you can get $20 in free groceries. It’s also possible to keep saving up your PC points for other items, and you can redeem them in 10,000 point increments after you reach your initial 20,000 points. For the most part, the grocery option is a good choice, since the grocery bill is probably one of the bills that you are most likely to want to reduce each month.

You redeem your PC points at the checkout at participating stores where President’s Choice products are sold. This includes just about anything, from groceries to gift cards to small appliances to cosmetics. You need to let your cashier know that you plan to use your PC points to help pay for your purchase ahead of time, though. Otherwise, you might not be able to redeem your points at that moment.

Use the PC Financial MasterCard for Best Results

Even though you can use your bank card to earn points, there are more restrictions. You won’t earn as many PC points for each purchase, and each purchase has to be made at a participating store in order for you to get the points.

On the other hand, if you use the PC Financial MasterCard to earn your PC points, you get double the points for each dollar spent. On top of that, you can earn points no matter where you shop, or what you spend your money on. You can rack up the points much faster with the MasterCard, and you can do it without restriction.

However, if you decide to use the credit card to earn your PC points, you will need to make sure that you have a spending plan in place. Paying the interest on a carried balance can offset the value of the rewards you earn. It doesn’t do you much good to get $20 in free groceries if you pay $50 in interest.

Make sure that you use your PC Financial MasterCard only on planned purchases. If you incorporate your credit card use into your regular budget, you can earn PC points at a rapid rate, on things you would buy anyway, and you don’t have to worry about carrying a balance. Just pay off the card each month with your budgeted money. This also means that you need to carefully track your spending. Don’t fall into the trap of spending more, and failing to track it.

With the right approach, you can use President’s Choice Financial to earn free items, and improve your financial situation.

PC Financial offers you the chance to meet all your low cost banking needs, and earn PC points just for doing the regular things that make up your life.

Written by Tom Drake

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10 Responses to How to Earn PC Points

  1. Another way to earn PC points is to use reusable shopping bags or bins when you shop at PC product stores. Just tell the cashier how many you are using, and you get points for each one (only if you are using your PC card, of course).

    This is also a savings because many PC stores now charge you a few cents per plastic bag you use.

  2. I’m really glad that they have come up with a loyalty program that can boost the points you get in addition to the banking rewards. Is it true that you can only get the bonus points at Loblaw stores right now? I hope it becomes available at No Frills stores before I head back to school, I definitely don’t have the $’s to spend at Loblaw stores.

  3. We often use our PC master card at Sobey’s, meaning we get PC Points as well as Air Miles. They’ve “caught on” to people like us, though – Atlantic Superstore now offers double PC points (20/dollar spent) for purchases made at there. I haven’t done the numbers, but I think that’s a slightly better deal than using the PC card + Air Miles at Sobeys.

    BTW – Use your credit card for purchases from big corporations, but stick to debit or cash for the local businesses. They pay through the nose to credit card companies.

  4. I have been using PC Financial since 1999 and have earned a bundle of free groceries since day one. The tip about using the credit card is a good one – the other tip about paying it off is also a good one as paying interest does not – or makes it less worth it.

    One thing that is a sweet deal is gasoline. they offer 10.5 cents per litre here in Manitoba (7.5/l in other provinces) every time you use your PC card. it adds up quick for something you have to purchase anyway.

  5. I considered a PC points card however I found that the local YIG grocer where one would use their PC points card is also the most expensive grocery store in town. Therefore I make only very small purchases at this store for obvious reasons.

  6. You can earn excellent PC points by filling up with gas at a Superstore – some kiosks offer 10.5 cents per liter as a Superbuck, redeemable as cash in the grocery store.

  7. I’ve been using the PC mastercard for years now and I’ve gotten lots of free groceries from it. There are also special offers on travel that can earn lots of extra points. Lately I’ve been thinking of switching to a travel rewards card though since pc grocery stores don’t usually have the best prices and travel is a bigger priority at this point.

  8. I have the PC Points reward card, not credit, not debit, just the points card. It really doesn’t make much difference to me, I’m a poor bachelor, so make grocery purchases that you would expect of a poor single person. The points seem to be mainly on items I don’t/can’t afford to purchase, so for the past year my points have literally been stuck at the exact same amount despite scanning the card every time I shop there. I prefer shopping in Chinatown, more selection of fresh fruit/veggies, it costs a fraction of the amount, AND they don’t charge for bags.

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