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A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook friends what they wished they’d been taught about money as kids. The vast majority of responses had to do with w [more]
In recent years, many Canadians have become increasingly disillusioned with banks. Many Canadians are hoping to get a consolidation loan for their deb [more]
We hear about it all the time. There are few things in the financial world that are givens but even in the most uncertain environment, interest or in [more]
More and more, the compulsion to spend money is being recognized as an issue that needs to be addressed in some consumers. We often think of addiction [more]
One of the most difficult financial situations to overcome is bankruptcy. But what happens when you feel as though you don't have a choice in the matt [more]
In the last few years, your credit rating has become increasingly important. While it seems obvious that your credit report and credit score are used [more]
Years ago, when Mint launched in Canada, they decided to run a poll to see how Canadians handle their finances. It's interesting to get an idea of th [more]
If you have terrible credit, you might finally just throw your hands in the air and stop trying to improve your situation. The truth is, some people n [more]

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